F o n s H o n o r u m

Introductory thoughts



Any nation that keeps the tradition of a noble society intact in its memory is fortunate. Features and standards of behaviour that have evolved over the centuries to become guiding examples and foundations for societies of later ages.

In Hungary, a small group of people still preserves the dignity of this sophisticated world, but its rules are increasingly being forgotten. My site makes a modest attempt to introduce historical tradition, in a clear and compact way, which can serve as a basis for interpretations of the nobility and the orders of chivalry.

My original profession is economist. However, my results in this field gave me the opportunity to retire at the age of thirty-five and devote most of my time to historical studies. My main interests are in heraldry, genealogy and phalleristics, but I consider the legal history and contemporary analysis of the chivalric orders to be my main area of interest.

In my view, the main challenge for the aristocracy and chivalry is to adapt to changed circumstances. The special nature of the fons honorum, which is the basis of the law of chivalry, to be interpreted in the case of dethroned monarchies, is one of the responses that has become a forced but generally accepted practice precisely because of the legal gap. In the same context, I could mention the use of the noble prefix as a hyphenated surname or the protection of coats of arms as trademarks.

It can be seen, therefore, that these cases, because of their special character, have shaped the accepted customary law from time to time, but this is always based on legal history and the canon law, which must also be taken into account, again from a historical point of view.




During my university studies, I realised that, despite all scientific efforts, it is not possible to understand the nature and true values of this world in its entirety from books alone. I am therefore grateful to all those who have contributed to the creation of this site with their friendship, their kind attention and their guidance.